vineri, 21 decembrie 2012

season finale :)

Thank you all for a great first season! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to experiment, learn and perfect my patterns and technique...and also thank you for your patience when adjustments had to be made :).
The Marmot will take a little break now but will be back soon with new stuff.
I wish you a wonderful Christmas!

marți, 18 decembrie 2012

Friends from a lost world

They are here again, to roam the Earth and play in the snow(yeah, I know how that sounds but blue dinosaurs like the snow!).In a combination of techniques and materials, Dino is warm and soft. Unfortunately my model didn't want to cooperate so a baloon volunteered instead...not quite the best way to show the greatness of Dino. Follow this link my shop for more details. Can be available in all sorts of colors, shapes and sizes(just dare me! :)) )...but can never be the same!

vineri, 7 decembrie 2012

Leo is blue now, but not sad! Knitted in thick wool and lined with fleece(to avoid any scratchy itchy problems) Leo can out stand the coldest winters.The link my shop will take you to my shop for more details. Can be available(in any color...although pink may be a bit too much :D ) in January.

Angry bird...reinvented!

Angry bird reinvented itself with the help of the Marmot. It's crochet in acrylic yarn, some of the parts are filled with polyester fibers and it's lined with soft,warm fleece. 

It's time for the white owls :)

A set consisting of hat and scarf, knitted in soft white acrylic yarn. The link my shop will take you to my shop for more details.

Helo Kitty..reloaded and multplied :)

A pair of soft kitties crochet in acrylic yarn and lined with fleece. Please visit the knever know what you can find :)