sâmbătă, 27 decembrie 2014

Vintage wedding :)
Statement necklace crochet in little scales of beige and sandy cotton and natural golden silk. Cappuccino glass pearls, howlite disc(natural,bronze elements).Lightweight and very resistant,no glued elements.
Silicone cable base, aprox 45cm circumference. It can accesorise a casual outfit our an evening gown.
available here: in my etsy shop

vineri, 19 decembrie 2014

Getting ready for a white Christmas?I'm preparing for a very colorful one :)

I didn't post much lately but I kept busy :).
Inspired by a new friend, I made something like I've never done before and had a lot of fun making it.
Behold...the Queen of Sheba :)). Unfortunately the pictures do not do justice to this piece.
For bigger photos and detalis check it out here: Marmotescu on Etsy